Anonymous asked:

That's cool. Maybe you shouldn't watch it if you think artists should be "held accountable" for drawing things you don't like.

ashwara answered:

If that’s your response I think you missed the entire point of what I said. Just “not watching it” is an anti-solution, and it’s not about liking it or disliking it. It’s about recognizing that the media people release into the world has an impact on our culture/community/attitudes etc.

Ignoring it wont make these things go away, there’s going to be at least some problematic element in almost anything we like and if we can’t recognize that things are complicated I think people will be too afraid to critique their own tastes for fear that finding what’s wrong with it means they have to stop watching it completely, and then discussion wont happen at all.

I mean maybe some things are reprehensible to the point you have to just stop, but most things are little more nuanced than that.

Anyways, if people really want to talk about this further please direct your questions here instead of this blog.

also as an aside I said the SHOW should be held accountable not the artists although on the artists matter that’s a different discussion. It was my choice to talk about it because I wanted to but I don’t think people HAVe to just because they make a kill la kill drawing… i think.